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Holyoake Alice Springs is certified to the Australian Service Excellence Standards.

The Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) program is a community organisation’s road map to excellence.

ASES is a quality improvement program that aims to assist non-government organisations improve their business systems, management practices and service delivery.

 ASES is a set of standards owned and administered by the Department of Human Services (SA) and available nationally. ASES is internationally accredited in the International Society for Quality in Health and Social Care.

ASES is based on the following organisational principles:

  • customer and outcome focus
  • clear direction with accountability
  • continuous learning and innovation
  • valuing people and diversity
  • collaborative work practices
  • evidence-based decision making
  • social, environmental and ethical responsibility.

Certification benefits consumers, staff, board members, managers and funding bodies through greater public confidence, improved efficiencies and work processes, access to more funding opportunities and a more stimulating workplace culture for staff who feel more empowered, involved and satisfied.

Holyoake completes self-assessment and external assessment to continually achieve this internationally recognised certification that lasts for three years.

Certification dates:
17 th July 2017
14 th December 2020
21 st September 2023